Financial aid and funding

Financial aid and funding


First -Time Entering Students do not need to have acceptance for a place at CPUT before they can apply for funding.

Prospective students can apply using their preferred choice, of course, choice of institution and update it later if it changes.

Please note that funding will only be given to a registered student for the 2023  academic year, who would have applied before the closing date and successfully met the eligibility criteria.

NSFAS is advising learners (Gr12) and students (currently in enrolled at the University and not funded in 2023) who have not yet applied for financial aid for 2023 that applications close on November 30, 2023 (In 30 days).

The online system will automatically close at midnight, and no application will be accepted thereafter.


Financial Aid and Funding

CPUT assists students with accessing a wide variety of financial aid and funding for study-related costs such as fees, accommodation and books.

The Financial Aid office advises undergraduate (National Diploma) students on the various funding options available to them and assists with the application and administration process of various types of funding.

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies helps postgraduate students secure funding for their studies through various bursaries and loans offered by CPUT and external organisations.

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