BEd Hons: Teaching And Learning

BEd Hons: Teaching And Learning

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The BEd Honours degree is a first postgraduate degree in education and is intended to prepare students for research- based postgraduate study. It serves to consolidate and deepen expertise in a specific area in education, and to develop research capacity in the methodology and techniques of the area.

The purpose of the qualification is then firstly to consolidate and deepen students’ knowledge of their selected specialisation and secondly to develop research capacity in the methodology and techniques of that specialisation in order to prepare students for advanced post-graduate studies in the selected field of specialisation. Being the first post-graduate degree in education, the qualification aims to equip students with a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence relevant to their chosen specialisation, as well as to understand the important role of research and specialised skills related to exploring key issues within their chosen specialisation. Students will plan, conduct and report on a research project under supervision which will address contemporary and critical issues in the selected specialisation.Syllabus

Module name NQF level of subject SAQA credits of subject Compulsory or optional (elective)
Education 5 8 30 Compulsory
Introduction to Research in Education 8 5 Compulsory
Research Methods in Education 8 20 Compulsory
Research project 8 30 Compulsory
Specialisation subjects (choose one from):
Afrikaans First Language 8 40 Elective
Business Management 8 40 Elective
Computer Applications Technology 8 40 Elective
Drama 8 40 Elective
Foundation Phase 8 40 Elective
Human Movement 8 40 Elective
Inclusive Education 8 40 Elective
Mathematics 8 40 Elective
Mathematical Literacy 8 40 Elective
Music 8 40 Elective
Second Language/First Additional Language 8 40 Elective
Science 8 40 Elective
Technical and Vocational Education and Training 8 40 Elective
Visual Art 8 40 Elective
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Course is offered on Wellington Campus.


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