BTech: Business Administration

BTech: Business Administration 

Course Information and Fees

The course is aimed at graduates who wish to enhance their managerial skills. It equips them with advanced managerial skills, and gives them an holistic view of business decision-making.In addition to its academic goals, the programme enables graduates to:

  • handle work stress and pressure
  • understand group dynamics
  • prioritise tasks
  • utilise time efficiently
  • think laterally
  • develop networking abilities

The BTech Business Administration and MTech Business Administration are viewed as a package of advanced management training skills.


Career Opportunities
Graduates who wish to speed up their progress up the corporate ladder, or who wish to move out of their current field of expertise, can increase their chances of promotion, marketablility and employability.


Admission requirements


For all Certificate, Diploma and National Diploma applications, consult the General admission requirements.

General admission requirements

Some courses require students to submit additional information as part of their application.

Additional admission requirements


For all Honours, Masters and Doctorate applications, consult the Postgraduate admission requirements.

Postgraduate admission requirements

Syllabus and fees
Semester 1 Only
Compulsory subject(s):
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In an effort to assist students from a non-commercial background the non-compulsory preparatory subjects are offered one semester before the major subject is to be taken:

  • Fundamentals of Financial and Management Accounting is the preparatory subject for the major subjects, Financial Accounting Aspects IV and Management Accounting Aspects IV.
  • Principles of Economics is the preparatory subject for the major subject Management Economics III.

Although these subjects are not compulsory, they are strongly recommended to applicants lacking knowledge in these areas.


Offering Type and Duration
Part-Time / Minimum period of 18 months
Course is offered on District Six Campus.


For any queries get in touch with:
Contact: Mrs Y. Ndamane
Telephone: +27 21 460 3605
Fax: 086 644 7883


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