BTech: Consumer Science: Food And Nutrition

BTech: Consumer Science: Food And Nutrition 

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BTech: (baccalaureus technologiae)

On completion of this qualification graduates will be able to develop food products based on knowledge of food science principles, food product development theory and practice and sound nutritional concepts. The aim is to enhance the quality of life of the consumer. Graduates will also be able to work as part of a food and nutrition research team applying the principles of research methodology in a food or food-related field.


Career Opportunities
Former students are employed as food product developers, product/technical representatives, food promotion consultants and in food research and development. Further career prospects are similar to those of the National Diploma but with better opportunities for advancement in research and managerial positions.


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    Students conduct research projects under the guidance of qualified academic staff and researchers. The research focus areas include:

  • Consumer food purchasing practices
  • Consumer awareness, knowledge, understanding and acceptance of bioactive food ingredients
  • Development of food products to combat life style diseases, including food products with functional properties
  • Compilation of a non-nutrient antioxidant food composition database


Syllabus and fees
Compulsory subject(s):
Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time / One year
Course is offered on District Six Campus.


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