BTech: Internal Auditing

BTech: Internal Auditing 

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Graduates will have the knowledge, skills and discipline to operate effectively in an organisation, performing financial and operational audit functions as a member of an audit team.


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The management of an organisation seeks to achieve certain aims and objectives. To succeed in this, they implement measures such as internal control, one of the most important ways of ensuring the success of the total effort by management. The internal auditor assists management to help achieve the aims and objectives of the organisation, especially regarding risk management, internal control and corporate governance. In order to equip the internal auditor with the necessary skills, emphasis is placed on the development of:

  • An internal auditing philosophy
  • Auditing techniques and computer auditing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Insight into management skills
  • The student’s personality to meet the requirements set by the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Identifying and evaluating controls in the computers information system environment.
  • Introducing concepts of economic crimes, irregularities and forensic auditors with particular emphasis on fraud.
  • Managing an internal audit department.
  • Interaction with the Board of Directors and audit committee.


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Fourth Year

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Part-Time / Two years


Course is offered on District Six Campus.


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