CPUT Residences and Accommodation Information

CPUT Residences and Accommodation Information


CPUT  Residences and Accommodation Information : CPUT does offer residence for students, however spaces are limited. There are 2552 spaces available on Bellville Campus, 2732 on Cape Town Campus and 540 spaces on Wellington Campus. Residences are offered to both local and international students.

Residence life can often be described as a students “must- experience” and something that all students should be part of. Through residences, students are exposed to many opportunities for personal development and learning that ensures that when you graduate you not only leave with a qualification but also necessary life skills to achieve in the outside world.

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CPUT residences

CPUT offers residence space for almost 8 000 students. Our residences are spread across the Cape Peninsula in the areas surrounding our campuses.

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Off-campus housing

Students who fail to secure accommodation on-campus and university leased accommodation often opt to stay privately, close to campus. Finding this type of private accommodation can be a challenge for students.

CPUT has an off-campus Housing Accreditation Program that advertises accommodation facilities that have been accredited by the University. This makes it safer and easier for students to acquire private accommodation on their own.

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