CPUT Diploma: Information & Communication Technology: Multimedia Applications Course and fees

Course Information and Fees


Diploma: (Diploma)

Organisations employ IT specialists in an effort to make the most effective use of information technology and to achieve business objectives. IT specialists are not just relegated to IT technology companies; they perform computer support in many businesses across many industries irrespective of the industry in which they work. IT specialists provide services related to software, hardware, databases, networks and information systems. They help facilitate the use of their company’s technologies including intranet, email, FTP and internet access.

Career Opportunities

There is an ongoing need for a wide range of highly skilled information technology personnel in South Africa. As the field is subject to rapid technological change, it requires professionals who are well trained, who keep up to date with the latest developments and who can engage future trends and developments. Multimedia Technology students are prepared for careers or advanced studies in electronic media design, video and sound, web design, web-based development, interactive media and virtual reality.

Course structure

The first year is common to all three programmes offered i.e. Diploma in Multimedia Applications, Diploma in Communications Networks and Diploma in Applications Development. All first year students are registered for the Diploma in Applications Development and based on their choice in their second year specialisation; students will be converted to either the Diploma in Multimedia Applications, Diploma in Communications Networks or Diploma in Applications Development.

Admission requirements


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General admission requirements

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Additional admission requirements


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Postgraduate admission requirements

Syllabus and fees

First Year

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Second Year

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Third Year

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Course is offered on District Six Campus.
For any queries get in touch with:
Contact: Mr I Paul
Telephone: +27 21 460 3043
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Email: pauli@cput.ac.za
Contact: Mr S Mfiki
Telephone: +27 21 460 3959
Fax: –
Email: mfikis@cput.ac.za

NOTE: The fees in this prospectus are for the 2024 academic year and are provided to assist you in your planning.

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