Diploma: Nature Conservation (Extended)

Diploma: Nature Conservation (Extended) 

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The aim of this course is to provide students with the skills to succeed in a rapidly-changing nature conservation environment where innovation is key. Graduates are equipped with a comprehensive range of technical, managerial, research, communication and life skills for employment in the field of nature conservation. The Diploma Nature Conservation lays the foundation for further study towards the B Tech Nature Conservation and ultimately the Masters of Conservation Science.

The purpose of this qualification is to supply the nature conservation industry with people who can competently contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and provide knowledgeable assistance to natural resource managers. The graduates will have the requisite knowledge of the natural environment and its dynamic relationship with humans, various approaches to conservation and sustainable use, and competence in research and monitoring techniques.


Career Opportunities
Graduates can pursue careers in the areas of management of natural resources/ protected areas, alien species control, environmental policy compliance, environmental education, research, field guiding, and Ecotourism.


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Course is offered on District Six Campus.


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