MTech: Food And Beverage Management

MTech: Food And Beverage Management 

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The purpose of the programme is specifically designed to provide a broad based education recognizing the strong interrelationships between food and beverage and hospitality. This program of study allows for the students a broader opportunity for employment and career related goals. Magister Technologiae: Hospitality Management Food and Beverage is a thesis that strengthens the student’s overall view of the Food and Beverage and Hospitality professions. The masters will ensure that middle and senior level management in the Food and beverage and hospitality, food service sectors have the requisite competencies and associated proficiency to succeed at strategic level.


Career Opportunities
Food and Beverage and Food Service have become one of the world’s most significant sectors due to the economic activities of tourism over the last fifty years. International tourism is responsible for the movement of many millions of people each year, traveling for a variety of reasons, including holidays, business, education, health and visiting friends and relatives. A significant industry is required to enable tourism to take place, while various public sector organizations are concerned with tourism development and marketing. Food and Beverage in the Hospitality industry supports employment on a large scale in many parts of the world. As the tourism industry grows and tourism develops, there is an increasing demand from employers for quality graduates with an in-depth understanding of Food and Beverage and hospitality with proven research skills. The South African Food and Beverage, Hospitality and Tourism Industry are committed to service excellence and professionalism. Effective and professional management in this vibrant industry is the key to achieving sustainable Food and Beverage and hospitality development, providing an enabling environment for entrepreneurs. The Institution supports these goals and provides for further development at senior level in food and beverage management tourism, hospitality and food service management.


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