MTech: Sport Management

MTech: Sport Management

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Research-based degree:
Students conduct supervised research in a specialised area of Sport Management and complete a full thesis/dissertation. The course allows the student to focus on a particular area of interest within professional sport management in order to address the challenges of both the African and global sport industry. Studies may include research in sport management-related areas, such as: sport marketing; sport science and technology; sport tourism; sport event management; sport law; leisure and recreation management; and other related areas. The student will gain specialised knowledge and skills in order to further their management career within the sport industry.The Sport Management Department has a state of the art Human Performance Laboratory offering post-graduate students a wonderful opportunity to conduct research in areas such as: sport performance analysis (including isokinetics, biomechanics, metabolic function and muscle function); sport product testing; and ergonomics and human factors.


Career Opportunities
Completion of this course will equip the student to progress to more senior positions within the sport management industry, both locally and internationally.


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Course is offered on District Six Campus.


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