ND: Horticulture

ND: Horticulture

ND: Horticulture (No New Intake For 2024. Returning Students Only)

Course Information and Fees

Horticulture is the science of the propagation, cultivation and maintenance of plants and the use of plant material for the improvement of the environment. With population growth, new scientific and technological challenges present themselves daily in a career that can lead to rich rewards and excellent job opportunities.Training takes place in modern, on-campus growing facilities with motivated and well-qualified staff having a wealth of industrial and teaching experience. This facilitates the training of practically-oriented graduates for a role in the development, production and maintenance of environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing gardens, playing fields and commercial garden retail centres.


Career Opportunities
Graduates apply proven techniques and procedures to the production, propagation, displaying, marketing and application of appropriate plant material for the commercial market. This involves a range of technical, engineering and managerial techniques appropriate to the industry.Graduates may find work in production nurseries, garden centres, landscape maintenance enterprises, parastatals and municipalities. In addition, for those students with a desire to do research, the National Botanical Institute (Kirstenbosch) and the Agricultural Research Council are important employers.

Whilst the demand for horticulture graduates is high, the University encourages an entrepreneurial spirit amongst its students through the integration of appropriate business skills and incentives within the mainstream programme. The technical skills acquired should enable entrepreneurially-minded graduates to identify and develop viable business entities.


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Syllabus and fees
Semester 1 Only
Compulsory subject(s):
Semester 2 Only
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Semester 1 Only
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Third Year

Total number of subjects to obtain the National Diploma: 23


Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time / Three years, including one year of experiential learning
Course is offered on Bellville Campus. (In the process of consolidating on the Belville campus)
Course is offered on District Six Campus.


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