Nsfas UJ

Nsfas UJ

Nsfas UJ : Documents required to apply for a NSFAS loan
Kindly send the following documents along with the application form.
o If both parents are working, recent payslips not older than 2 months are required from each parent. If a parent is paid on a weekly basis four consecutive payslips (within the same month) should be submitted. If a parent is paid on a two-weekly basis (fortnightly) 2 consecutive payslips (within the same month) should be submitted.
o If a parent is unemployed an affidavit signed by the unemployed parent is required, confirming his/her own unemployment.
o If a parent is working in the informal sector where official payslips are not issued (e.g. street vending or informal selling) the rand value of the income gained per month must be stated in the affidavit.
o If a parent is employed as a domestic worker, an affidavit from his/her employer is required, stating the period of employment and the monthly salary.
o If there is anybody in the household that receives a state pension or a child support grant, proof is needed. A certified copy of the most recent SASSA letter or an original 3 month bank statement should be submitted reflecting the pension amount per month.
o If the family/student is sponsored an affidavit signed by the sponsor should be submitted stated the monthly rand value of the sponsorship.
o If parents are divorced a certified copy of the divorce decree should be submitted.
o If a parent/sponsor is deceased, a certified copy of the death certificate should be submitted.
o If the whereabouts of a parent is unknown or if the parent has absconded or does not contribute towards the finances of the family, an affidavit is required from the parent whom the student lives with. The parent writing the affidavit should not only indicate that he/she is single, but also that the other parent’s whereabouts are unknown and that no financial support is received.
o If a sibling (brother or sister) over the age of 18 is unemployed and is still living with the family an affidavit signed by the unemployed sibling is required, confirming his/her own unemployment. If the sibling is employed, recent payslips (not older than 2 months) is required and an affidavit indicating how much the sibling does sponsor the student per month.
o If a sibling is studying a tertiary institution a proof of registration of that particular student is required.
o Certified copies of identity documents (or birth certificates where identity documents are not available) for every member of the household including the applicant should be submitted.
o If a student/parent surname differs from his/her parent surname, an affidavit from one of the parent’s must be submitted as to why the surnames differ.
o Please note that no faxed copies of documents will be accepted. Documents may not be sent via e-mail
o All copies of documents must be certified within the year this application is submitted.
o Please make sure all required documentation is attached before submitting the application form, as incomplete applications will not be processed and it will be regarded as an unsuccessful application.
o If a student has been previously funded by NSFAS All documents handed in must be consistent to previous year’s applications as Fraudulent or Inconsistent information will not be accepted.

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Nsfas UJ : What does a NSFAS loan cover?
A NSFAS loan may be used to pay tuition fees, books & university accommodation fees. The loan also pays for approved
selected off campus accommodation.
Nsfas UJ : Where can I obtain more information about NSFAS?
Go to www.uj.ac.za and click on the Finance tab or send an e-mail to nsfas@uj.ac.za. You can also locate us at our
NSFAS Campus Offices:
Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus: (011) 559 -1250/1173/1193/1594/1552; A Red 24.
Auckland Park Kingsway Campus: (011) 559-3906/3768/3575/2965/4035/3575; E Ring 1
Doornfontein Campus: (011) 559-6195; (011) 559-6412; (011) 559-6063: 185, Admin Block.
Soweto Campus: (011) 559-5507/5508/5702 – Ukhamba Building rooms ADB 114/118/119

Download Nsfas UJ Application Form, Click Here.

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