CPUT BSc: Radiation Therapy(Nqf Level 8) Course and Fees

Course Information and Fees

Radiation Therapy(NQF Level 8)

BSc: (Bachelor Of Science)

The aim of this four year professional degree is to develop professionals who, in addition to demonstrating the knowledge and skills required in Radiation Therapy, have also gained experience in applying such knowledge and skills in the appropriate workplace context.

The Radiation Therapist should be proficient in a range of generic and academic skills, having a broad integrated knowledge of health science. The radiographer should be a reflective practitioner and a life-long learner in the profession in order to benefit the community and society.

The curriculum facilitates the holistic development of the student. Students gain professional skills in the clinical environment. This involves working with patients as part of the Health Care Team.

Career Information
Radiation Therapy involves the use of high energy radiation to administer a therapeutic dose to a patient, and is mainly but not exclusively used to treat malignant diseases. Radiation Therapy is given in conjunction with other modalities, with Radiation Therapists forming part of a multidisciplinary team. While Radiation Therapy is the main focus, the Radiation Therapists also have to manage the psychological and emotional aspects that the patient may experience during the course of treatment being administered. Treatment simulation, graphic planning, dosimetry, quality assurance, counselling and treatment delivery are some of the aspects applicable to this profession.
Career Opportunities
Graduates find employment in academic hospitals, private and public practice both nationally and internationally, research institutes, and related industries.

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Course is offered on Bellville Campus.
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