MTech: Food Technology

MTech: Food Technology 

Course Information and Fees

Graduates will be able to conduct independent applied and fundamental research in the field of food technology, including: food product development, food production, food chemistry, food microbiology, food quality assurance, food analysis, food biotechnology and nutrition. The research problem, including its justification, process and outcome, is reported in a dissertation, which complies with generally accepted international norms at this level.Students conduct research under the guidance of research professionals, who have not only earned a PhD in Food Science, but are experienced academics. The project is aimed at bridging the innovation chasm. The research focus areas include:
• Antioxidants:

    • o Maillard Reaction Products – antioxidants and flavouring food components.
    • o Antioxidant phytochemicals in sorghum
    o Effect of indigenous garlic antioxidants on Fusarium spp.

• UV pasteurization as an alternative processing technology
• African seeds and cereals
• Propionibacterium spp.: Vitamin B12 and Folate synthesis; EPS as potential food hydrocolloids


Career Opportunities
Similar to the career opportunities for the BTech Food Technology, with enhanced opportunities for promotion, as well as research and managerial positions.


Admission requirements


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Syllabus and fees
Compulsory subject(s):
Research Project and Dissertation.
Research Methodology refresher courses, including intermediate statistics, offered at the beginning of the course.


Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time / Minimum one year


Offering Type and Duration
Part-Time / Two years


Course is offered on Bellville Campus.


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