NPDE: National Professional Diploma In Education : Fet

NPDE: National Professional Diploma In Education : Fet

Course Information and Fees


The NPDE: FET is an interim qualification which has as its purpose the upgrading of currently professionally under-qualified FET college educators. The NPDE: FET will provide these educators with the opportunity of becoming fully qualified professionals (REQV 13) by opening up an alternate access route into the NQF. The NPDE: FET replaces the NHD: Education: Technical


Admission requirements


For all Certificate, Diploma and National Diploma applications, consult the General admission requirements.

General admission requirements

Some courses require students to submit additional information as part of their application.

Additional admission requirements


For all Honours, Masters and Doctorate applications, consult the Postgraduate admission requirements.

Postgraduate admission requirements

    Candidates must be in possession of:

  • At least an N3 or equivalent, but preferably an N4(Technical Qualification) and must have done/completed trade test.
  • Three years work experience within FET College.
  • Or RPL requirements determined by the University


Syllabus and fees

Third Year

Offering Type and Duration
Part-Time / (2 Years) The course is offered weekends and, if possible, in blocks during college semester and trimester vacations.


Course is offered on Mowbray Campus.


For any queries get in touch with:
Contact: Mrs M Sadeck
Telephone: +27 21 6801691
Contact: Ms L Sylvester
Telephone: +27 21 680 1591
Contact: Ms Nobathembu Ngcayisa
Telephone: +27 21 680 1510
Fax: +27 21 680 1509
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