NSFAS Online Application 2024

NSFAS Online Application 2024

NSFAS opens online varsity funding applications for 2024

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has opened the application process for students wanting to study at a public university or college in 2024. NSFAS is a government entity which provides students coming from households earning a specific income with loans and bursaries to study at any of the 26 public universities or at a TVET College.

The scheme has significantly simplified the process and also allows applications to be done online.

“We have worked behind the scenes to strengthen and improve our internal systems and capacity, to be able to deal with the high volumes of applications that we are expecting…The application form for 2024 has been reduced to just two pages, from eleven pages that last year’s application form had,” said acting CEO, Lerato Nage.

From this year onward, NSFAS will accept applications from anyone who qualifies to enter the post-school education system but cannot afford to finance their studies.

For those not able to access the internet, NSFAS has also partnered with the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) to provide easy access for learners to applying for funding.

The partnership will allow NSFAS to make use of the 15 NYDA branches nationwide, as well as the more than 50 Local Youth Offices (LYO) to accept applications. These local youth offices are situated within municipality offices in all nine provinces.

2024 applications close on 30th November 2024.

Head to the NSFAS website to apply online.

  • NSFAS will re-open for 2024 applications for all learners who have not applied during the 01 August – 30 November  window period;

  • Applications for students who wish to study at TVET colleges will open from the 09 January 2024 and close on 14 February 2024; and this is meant to coinside with release of matric results.

  • Applications for students who wish to study at universities will open from 09 January 2024 and close on 20 January 2024.

NSFAS Online Application 2024 : Applications now open –  All students who will register at public universities/ TVET colleges for the first time in 2024 and need financial support, can now apply directly to NSFAS for financial assistance. Applications will remain open between 01 August  and 30 November.

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Dear Applicants

We are pleased to inform you that our technical problem has been resolved and now all returning students can be able to process and submit their applications on the NSFAS website. We apologise for the technical error that made it impossible for you to submit your applications since Friday. Kindly note that while applications are open for all returning students, post-graduate students are not included in this provision. Thanks You.

To all 2024 first year students

All students who will register at public universities/ TVET colleges for the first time in 2024 and need financial support can now apply directly to NSFAS for financial assistance. Applications will remain open between 01 August  and 30 November .

To all current university/ TVET college students already funded by NSFAS

NSFAS is in a process to receive all your information and details from the university/college where you are currently enrolled. You will be automatically migrated to the student-centred model, and will be notified by SMS/post once NSFAS has received and registered your details.

To all current university/TVET college students, who are not funded by NSFAS, but intend to apply for NSFAS assistance for the 2024 academic year

All the above mentioned students – including those who were previously on a government funded bursary programme not offered by NSFAS – can apply for NSFAS financial assistance for the 2024 academic year from 01 September  to 30 November .

Apply on the NSFAS website

You will be required to register first to create your personal online account, and then proceed to fill and submit the application form online. You may need about 30 minutes to complete this online process, and must also have scanned copies of the following required attachments:

  • Matric Certificate
  • Identity Document/Birth Certificate
  • Last Academic Results
  • Proof of parents income (If parent/s employed)
  • Death Certificate/s (If parent/s deceased)
  • Doctor’s Certificate (If permanently disabled)

Apply Now

Vodacom Application Centres

click here
To download a printable version of application form, please click here

Disability assistance

If you have a disability, you must complete Annexures Aand submit them with your application form.

For a full list of the required supporting documents which will be needed to complete your application Click Here


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Check Nsfas Application Status

Haven’t received a response for your National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) application for admission? Don’t fret – simply check the status of your application. Click Here To Check Nsfas Application Status